Located where the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea converge and by the footsteps of Colombia’s famed Sierra Nevada, lies Aite, our little eco refuge. Build to blend into the natural surroundings, the hotel offers comfortable beach bangallows, two swimming pools, a restaurant featuring the best of Colombian coastal cuisine, and an inviting social space where a spacious terrace beckons with ocean and mountain views.

Immerse yourself in the local indigenous Kogi culture, hike the Sierra on with one of our native guides, venture on bird watching expeditions, or simply relax on a pristine beach of powdery white sand.



Nimuñi, sea waves in the Kogi language, is located near the pool and just steps from the hills and beach. The room opens to a small garden, filled with orchids, green ferns and two ancient trees which invite you to contemplate the lush greenery of our region. It is equipped with a queen bed, mini bar, a ceiling fan, and a private bathroom.


The Zugi or Poporo room is named after an instrument used by Kogi shamans to preserve coca leaves – known as the “jayo” or “hayo”. The room is steps from the beach and features a terrace directly overlooking the ocean, a king bed which can be turned into two single beds, mini bar, a ceiling fan, and a private bathroom.


Sumeia is star in the kogi language, to remember the importance of the sky to the indigenous people, who relied on the stars to guide them on long walks. The room includes a large furnished terrace shaded by wild bougainvillea where you will want to linger over a refreshing cocktail or a cup of coffee. Equipped with King bed which may be converted into two single beds, ceiling fan, private bathroom, a spacious wardrobe, mini bar, and safe.

Showers in all rooms are powered by solar energy


The Mokouy, an abundant amphibian of our region, according to Kogi mythology, was the second wife of the sun god, whom after being unfaithful, was destroyed in thousands of pieces by her vengeful husband. Each piece became a frog and since then, frogs come out only when it rains and the sun is away.

This room offers a view that encapsulates the Colombian Caribbean, with chang
ing colors from morning to evening. It includes a king bed, private bath and small closet, ceiling fan, safety deposit box, and a beautiful terrace where you can while away the hours. Located in a privileged location near the pool and the restaurant.


ÑUI, sun in the Kogi language, is believed to balance the forces of nature and protect men. The room opens onto a balcony with a fascinating view, where you can enjoy the sounds of the waves and contemplate the changing colors of the sea. Equipped with a king bed, private bath, ceiling fan, and safety deposit box, it also offers a charming balcony furnished with hammocks from which to enjoy the view.

Located in a tranquil setting, a little farther away from the beach


Saja is the moon in the Kogie language, which was revered alongside the sun by our natives. Both were at the center of community life, as they inhabited together the cosmos.

A corner room with a terrace, it affords view of the bright green forest and the blue sea. Saja is equipped with a King bed, private bath, ceiling fan, safe deposit box and mini bar. The balcony is comfortably furnished with a hammock, sofa and dining table from which you will want to witness the wonderful sunsets that grace our region.



Mottui in Wayuunaiki the Wayuu people language means vegetation and reverence to the exuberance nature, wildlife and sea. This bungalow offers breathtaking views, refreshing seasonal breezes and its proximity to the beach and pool make it a great option for those looking for a direct connection with nature.
Rustic, yet full of authentic details, it offers a delightful and unforgettable experience. Mottui is outfitted with a king bed with mosquito net, fan, mini bar, room safe, private bathroom and an open terrace that will beckon you to linger.


Maitta is the word used by the Wayuu people for relaxation and is represented by a seagull one of the many birds that can be observed from this bungalow located near the sea. Built in octagonal shape with authentic materials in a rustic style, it nonetheless includes details that will make for a special experience.
Allow the sea breezes and whispers lull you to sleep or while away the hours on your terrace. The bungalow includes a king bed with mosquito net, two fans, mini bar, safety box and a shower that opens to the skies. The terrace is furnished with a dining table and hammocks that will provide a delightful embrace on a lazy afternoon. 


Always present in our grounds is the Iguana, green, yellow, gold, camouflaging in the vegetation. The Iwana bungalow is located on a second floor and its living space is perfect for a family of four or will serve as an ideal suite for a couple. Among its main features is a spectacular wooden balcony that offers privileged views to watch the sea and the changing colors of the waves.
It includes a king bed and two single beds with mosquito nets, two ceiling fans, safety box, mini bar, and a bathroom with a water view. Wooden details make every corner of the bungalow an authentic and special place, while the fully furnished terrace with two beautiful hammocks and teak dining table beckons throughout the day.


The snake for many civilizations and especially for the natives represents transformation, evolution and change. Aite looks to offer visitors a transformative experience, whether for a family vacation, a romantic getaway or a chance for communion with nature. The Wuii bungalow is located on the main floor under IWANA and offers the perfect setting for a special getaway.  

It includes a king and two single beds with mosquito nets, two ceiling fans, safety box, mini bar and double that open to the exteriors. Hammocks and dining table on the terrace offer a peaceful place to while away the hours.


Built in a tree house style, Jamma is a premium bungalow, named after the word for hammock in Wayuunaiki. A wraparound balcony offers 260 degree views and hammocks that will be the highlight of your stay.   

Perfect for four guests, it is equipped with a king bed and two single beds with mosquito nets, two ceiling fans, safety box, mini bar, and a private bathroom partially to the outdoors to allow for a close-to-nature experience.   


The kato’ui is the wuayuunaiki word for the bag used by the natives to carry essential goods. This distinctive accessory is symbolic of what one should carry or leave behind in life.   

On a first floor and with a privileged location from which to enjoy the magnificent sunsets that color our region, the Kato’ui bungalow is perfect for four guests. It is furnished with a king bed and two single beds with mosquito nets, two ceiling fans, safety box, mini bar, private bathroom half open to the outdoors to allow for a close-to-nature experience.   


This beautiful cottage, named after the word for turtle in wuayuunaiki, invites you to mingle with nature. Watch the palms and the different range of colors that rise from the shimmering blue ocean. Enjoy the breezes from the Sierra Nevada and the local wildlife.

The bungalow includes a king bed and two single beds with mosquito nets, two ceiling fans, mini bar, double doors and a private bathroom with outdoor views. The spacious terrace is furnished with two beautiful hammocks, dining table and chairs where undoubtedly you will enjoy some well-deserved downtime.


At dawn the crisp air fills the Sinduli bungalow with a mixture of natural scents from the lush ecosystem surrounding it. Just as the hummingbird, Sindulí  in Kogi, enjoys the pollen from nature, you will feed on the feeling of freedom and peace that comes from the forest.    

Sindulí is furnished with two queen beds, and a single bed or sofa with mosquito net, two ceiling fans, a safety box, mini bar, and a private bath with outdoor views. Two beautiful hammocks on the terrace allow you to while away the hours.


Kale-kale, parakeets in WUAYUNAIKI, provide the soundtrack to a stay at Aite as you will hear their music throughout the day.  Choose the Kalekale bungalow and let yourself be lulled by the symphony of birds and waves that surround it.  Before turning in for the evening, enjoy the changing colors of nature from your private terrace.   

The bungalow is furnished with two queen beds and one single bed with mosquito nets, two ceiling fans, safety box, mini bar, double doors opening to the exterior, bathroom with outdoor views and a splendid terrace with two hammocks and beautiful teak table for outdoor living.


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