Aite Eco Hotel is an environmentally responsible hotel. We understand the importance of our actions to minimize our impact on the environment and in our community.

What is our commitment?

Water is a limited natural resource and must be used very consciously. We reuse the water in our hotel for irrigation, preventing water wasting. We built our own water treatment plant so we can reuse the water from sinks and shower to irrigate our gardens.

We use solar energy to power outdoor lightening and to provide hot water. We are working to become 100% a solar energy powered hotel.

We have our own on-site herb and vegetable farm that goes directly to the kitchen.

We are dedicated to offer our guests a unique experience and serve organic food is one of our main concerns.

Our rooms are designed to let the fresh air flow inside. They are equipped with fans, as they’re energy friendly. As part of our commitment to save resources in our planet, we only change sheets and towels every 3 days at least to be required by our guests.

Aite Eco Hotel is surrounded by a beautiful and rich green area, and we do our best to preserve as much as we can. We have 20 hectares (about 400 acres) preservation area, with natural trees. We also planted half of that area with native teak trees, purple oak and acacias. We share our hotel with lovely species such as squirrels, birds, iguanas, hollow monkeys and many others.

To keep the waste down, we offer dispensers in our accommodations, instead of individual amenities packages. Per our waste management policy, we take recycle bin to a recycle center in Santa Marta. And the organic waste is transformed into fertilizer for our gardens.

All our cleaning products are biodegradable and phosphate free.